The free offer by Reliance Jio is extremely popular among users, especially after the carrier announced it would extend the offer until March 31, 2017. Since the carrier managed to gather tons of new users other carriers aren’t very happy about it. The largest telecom provider in India, Airtel, is trying to put an end to it. Airtel is currently seeking TDSAT’s (Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal) assistance in putting end to Reliance Jio’s free offer.

reliance rjio

Airtel filed a 25-page long petition before TDSAT, asking the Tribunal to rule against the free data and call service offered by Reliance Jio; Airtel wants for Reliance Jio to withdraw the continuation of the offer.

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) had let Reliance Jio to extend the free call and data plan, a move that made Airtel accuse TRAI of being a “mute spectator” and “sleeping trustee” since, according to Airtel, Jio is violating laws by offering free services for free for such a long period. TRAI announced that it would investigate into the matter after Jio extended the free offer, but the regulatory authority didn’t come up with a conclusion since then.

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After Airtel filed its petition, TRAI stated that it would need 10 more days in order to finally come up with the conclusion. After that, TDSAT asked from TRAI to revert with their 10 days extending the next day, also directing Jio to file an impleading submission.

The petition reads: “The TRAI further without affording any reasoning baldly, cryptically and in a non-transparent manner in violation of Section 11(4) of the TRAI Act concluded that the Tariff Plans offered by the said TSP are not non-compliant with IUC and are not predatory and discriminatory at present. The impugned decision of TRAI is thus bad in law and deserves to be quashed.” The hearing should continue on January 6.

According to Airtel, Jio’s free offer has a significant impact on Airtel’s network, with the carrier being forced to bear asymmetric traffic due to free calls.  Jio denied accusations stating the traffic is completely normal, as is expected with a new mobile network.


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