Airtel has announced new International Roaming (IR) packs for customers traveling abroad. The new IR packs offer free incoming calls on International roaming. Airtel customers will now be able to carry their India mobile number everywhere without worrying about the high call and data charges. The new Airtel IR Packs will be available to both postpaid and prepaid customers. Check them out below:

New Airtel IR Packs Offer Free Incoming Calls On International Roaming

The new Airtel IR packs offer big bundles of data, free India calling minutes, free incoming calls and free texts to India. Also, post pack IR data rates have been reduced by 99% to just Rs 3/MB. The new IR packs come with validity options of one day and 30 days. Airtel also plans to launch a new 10 days pack at $45 by mid-October. The one day pack with roaming is priced at only $10. While the full month pack is priced at just $75. The new IR packs can be activated at any time. They will be charged only when they actually use it.

The new Airtel IR packs are available for all popular global destinations. Once your pack runs out, you only have to pay Rs. 3/MB for international roaming data. The previous price was Rs. 650/MB. The company is offering a 99 percent reduction.

“The new roaming packs are in line with our commitment to provide our customers a seamless international roaming experience and great value. The number of Indians traveling overseas for leisure and business is growing rapidly and our new IR packs ensure that customers get no bill shocks and have the convenience of always keeping their phones switched on, wherever they are,” said Ajai Puri, Director, Operations (India & South Asia), Bharti Airtel.

The Smart Pack can be easily activated through the Airtel website, myAirtel app, USSD and Customer Contact Centers. For more information log on to


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