Indian global telecommunications services company Bharti Airtel has already been providing Airtel 4G services in 296 Indian cities since August 2015. It recently launched its 4G services in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Users will be able to access 4G services on different platforms including phones, dongles, 4G hotspots and Wi-Fi dongles.

Airtel has also come up with lucrative plans to encourage users to switch to 4G. It is offering a complimentary upgrade to Airtel 4G at the 3G rates for the existing customers, starting at Rs. 21.


If you have a smartphone with 4G support and you wish to upgrade to a 4G SIM, then contact your nearest Airtel retail touch points or visit to request for a 4G SIM swap.

Airtel had launched its 60,000 crore rupees program ‘Project Leap’ last year in November with an aim to expand and transform its network across the whole of India to provide the users with the best telecom experience in the country. You can even keep track of this Project Leap and its effects in your locality through a microsite launched by Airtel.

Commenting on the launch of 4G in Udaipur, the CEO of Airtel Rajasthan Manoj Murali said,

“As customers in Rajasthan show an increasing propensity for consuming data services, we at Airtel are excited to expand our 4G services in Udaipur and take the lead in introducing customers in Rajasthan to their first ever experience of blazing 4G speeds. We are committed to augmenting our 4G presence to more regions across the state and deliver a compelling network experience for our customers in Rajasthan – now and in years to come.”


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