Running out of data when you badly need it? We all know how frustrating it is when we desperately want to download something or browse the internet but cannot do simply because we have run out of mobile data. If you happen to be Airtel user, you can instantly get access to Free 1GB data. How you ask? Read on!

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How to Get 1GB Free Data Instantly on Airtel 4G

Remember the campaign where Airtel allowed you to get 1.2GB free data by installing 4 apps? Well, the method we will reveal now has nothing to do with apps and doesn’t require to install any app. At the outset, before you begin to think this is a “neat trick”, we’ll tell you that this is no trick at all. Rather, you get to have 1GB free 4G data as part of Airtel official deal.

If you are using Airtel prepaid card, just follow these steps to get 1GB 4G data instantly.

  1. Ensure you have 4G enabled Airtel prepaid SIM
  2. Switch on mobile data (Note: this offer only works over mobile data, not on Wi-Fi).
  3. Open this website in your mobile browser:
  4. You should now see a page that says – “Offer: Free 1GB 4G data (only applicable on prepaid 4G SIM)
  5. You will also see “Activate Now” button. Click on Activate Now.
  6. You should see “Activation Successful” message.
  7. You will then receive a message about free 1GB 4G data confirmation within few minutes.

If you are in Bangalore or Hyderabad, you can try this method as well (note that this method may or may not work) –

  • Go to Paytm and recharge your phone for Rs. 4.
  • Once the transaction is complete, you should get access to 1GB 4G date instantly for free!


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