Apple AirPods have received mixed (mostly positive reviews) but are still a hit as they come directly from such a hugely followed brand. The company has started shipping the new wireless headsets, and some people are already complaining how easy it is to lose the AirPods, not forgetting the cost of changing its batteries.


Today, a new report by RacingJunky suggests that there might be a design defect in the new product. An AirPods customer from China apparently noticed a problem with the product when he tried listening to music with his new wireless headset. While playing audio, when the user covered both the AirPods buds with the palms of his hands, the left bud stopped working for a few seconds. When he did it again, the right one lost audio momentarily.


So why does this problem occur? We all know that the AirPods work through wireless transmission of audio signals. So if we were to take an educated guess, we would say that the signals are cut off when the AirPods buds are covered. This could be the reason why the user experienced the loss of audio when he covered the buds with his hands.

But we don’t know whether this is a design defect or if this problem is limited to that particular unit. Let’s wait and see whether this turns out to be a large scale issue. And if it does, then it will be interesting to watch Apple tackle the situation.

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