New report suggests, Apple is expected to launch a successor of the iPhone 5c in the second quarter of 2016. The new report, came from Taiwanese publication Digitimes, which argued that the next-generation budget iPhone will be launched in Q2 2016. The tip was given by an unnamed insider sources from the semiconductor industry. It is important to understand that, Digitimes has a inconsistent track record when it comes to breaking news on upcoming products, meaning that one should take this info with a pinch of salt.

Affordable Apple iPhone 6c rumored to be launched in Q2 2016
Affordable Apple iPhone 6c rumored to be launched in Q2 2016

On the other hand early rumors argued that Apple will bring an affordable iPhone to go along with the upcoming iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. However, this was dismissed by another recent report which said that the budget iPhone will be pushed back to the first half of next year. This new report from Digitimes seems to be in line with previous rumors about the smartphone, expected to be called the iPhone 6c.

The tipster also reports, the iPhone 6c will have FinFET chipsets manufactured by both Samsung (using the 14nm node technology), and TSMC (using the 16nm technology). Sounds familiar? well it is, previous rumors on the Apple A9 chip suggested that it would be manufactured by Samsung and TSMC using the same technology.

According to the Digitimes report, Apple originally wanted to equip the iPhone 6c with a chip manufactured using TSMC’s 20nm process, but then decided to switch to the newer tech in order to take advantage of the extra processing power and the lower power consumption ratios associated with smaller node manufacturing processes.


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