Trend Micro, the security software company believes that Adobe and Apple will overtake Microsoft in terms of Software vulnerabilities. Both companies have seen a sharp rise in security threats this year.

Trend Micro

The Zero Day Initiative a.k.a ZDI by Trend Micro saw a total of 135 vulnerabilities in Adobe products compared to 76 in Microsoft’s product. That’s a worrying point for Adobe which is struggling badly with Flash player and its security vulnerabilities. The more telling point comes from Apple, whose number of vulnerabilities doubled from 25 to 50 as of November.

Trend Micro noted, “We predict that more software flaws will be discovered in Adobe and Apple products in addition to Microsoft’s. Apart from the fact that Microsoft’s PC shipments have been declining in recent years as more users opt for smartphones and professional-level tablets instead, the vendor’s security mitigations and improvements will also make it more difficult for attackers to find more vulnerabilities in its OS.”

Apple and Adobe in the Fireline

According to Trend Micro, with an increase in the share of Macs and iPhones due to happen next year will aide this fact. More hackers will target iPhones including unsupported iPhone 4S, which is most vulnerable to threats due to no security updates.

“In addition to Microsoft’s security improvements, this gain will further drive cybercriminals’ attention to non-Microsoft alternatives,” Trend Micro added looking at Apple’s growth.

Microsoft has long been at the helm of targets by attackers, but with so many iPhones and other Apple products making their way to consumers, it won’t be a surprise if Apple takes over Microsoft in terms of Software Vulnerabilities.

It will be interesting to see if Apple is able to cope with the expected rise of attacks in 2017. Trend Micro believes if tech companies put security at the forefront while delivering products, the consumer base won’t change, as security is above everything else in today’s world.


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