Kim Young Ae, South Korean actress began her acting career when she joined MBC’s 3rd Open Recruitment in 1971. With her acting debut in TV police procedural Chief Inspector, Kim Young Ae built a great career in movies and television. The veteran actress passed away on April 9 at the age of 66. She was battling pancreatic cancer.

image source: dramafever

Kim Young Ae passes away fighting pancreatic cancer

Kim Young Ae died of pancreatic cancer on April 9, just two weeks before her 66th birthday. She had been battling a recurrent pancreatic cancer. In 2012, the actress had undergone a surgery for pancreatic cancer and was cured. However, she was diagnosed with cancer again when she was filming for KBS 2TV’s Laurel Tree Tailors. It was really difficult for the actress to continue filming the drama series while undergoing treatment for cancer. But she focused and put in all her efforts towards filming the drama.

Kim Young Ae passed away peacefully, said her only son Lee Min-woo. Kim Young Ae’s last role was in the 54-episode KBS TV series – Laurel Tree Tailors. The actress has appeared in more than 60 movies and over 100 TV series. After her debut film in 1973’s Long Live the Island Frogs, Kim became active on the big screen in 1970s and early 1080s, playing roles in movies such as Wang Sib Ri, My Hometown, Suddenly at Midnight and Diary of King Yeonsan.

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She later transitioned to television and featured in notable television dramas including Queen Min, Sunrise, Magpie-in-law, The Brother’s River, Waves, Go Mom Go!, Hwang Jini, Royal Family and Moon Embracing the Sun.