Activision has conceded that Infinite Warfare was “not the achievement we arranged”. They conceded this amid the organization’s income call just recently. Talking amid the call, it was additionally uncovered that sales for the game “failed to meet expectations”. Besides, the organization was expressing that when it went to their fans, unmistakably the game’s space setting “simply didn’t reverberate”.

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Activision Admits That Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Was Not As Successful As Originally Planned

In spite of the fate and unhappiness, the call additionally guaranteed that in 2017, Call of Duty will “be reclaimed to its underlying foundations”. Furthermore, customary gameplay will become the overwhelming focus”. It was likewise uncovered that Sledgehammer Games would assume the responsibility of doing just that. This will occur for the main game series since Advanced Warfare two years back.

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Two other fascinating things of note. Initially, Hirshberg specified the current year’s Call of Duty was greenlit two years prior, similar to the standard. Whatever the setting is (bits of gossip hold on it will be verifiable), this venture did not start as an automatic response to the space-based disappointment of Infinite Warfare. Second, this year Activision will prop up its lower-than-anticipated DLC deals for Infinite Warfare by giving new substance to 2015’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The same number of players are still joyfully playing that.

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