Ace Attorney 6 was announced in September last year, and now we have more details about it, thanks to a new preview. Find out how the strange and mystical world of Kurain and how the Spirit Medium mini-game works.


Siliconera’s Robert Ward got to check out a demo event for Ace Attorney over in Nagoya, and he’s brought rather interesting news back. SPOILERS FROM HERE ON OUT.

The demo, set in the mystical kingdom of Kurain, featured a flashback case in which Phoenix Wright reminisces over how he originally met priest-in-training Bokuto. In the case, Bokuto is accused of killing one Mima Waruhito and is being accused of murder, as well as trespassing in a treasure room restricted to members of the Kurain Royal Family.

Later in the case, we see Lefya, the Princess Medium of Kurain, known in its courts as the Oracle of Spirits, as she intervenes to establish the conditions around the time of the murder. Performing a holy dance, she channels the victim’s spirit using the previously-revealed Water Mirror in the centre of the courtroom.

Spirit Medium Vision is described as having a series of tabs on the bottom screen representing the victim’s final memories, and experiences tied to the five senses flicker in and out during these memories. These moments can be paused by pressing L or sped up with Y and the goal is to find out the moment where the senses ‘betray the testimony or the memory itself’. SPOILERS END HERE.

While there is no confirmation on when the game will actually come out, we expect it to show up later this in Japan. Unfortunately, localisation for the Ace Attorney games takes a while, and it is unlikely the game will make it to Western shores this year. No harm in hoping, though.


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