Abby Lee Miller has been the favorite headliner of every magazine. The dance coach who at present is battling plenty of legal issues along with controversies caused by her own statements has again made few crispy notorious revelations. Abby Miller who has recently parted ways with Dance Moms has come out in the open about her relations with the show and has revealed the reason for her exit.

Abby claims that the original cast of the show was paid a lot of money and haven’t reached out to her for joining the all new reboot of the show. She also expressed her disappointment and alleged that she haven’t got that much of respect which she deserved. Abby further went on adding that apparently, she has lost all the contacts of the original cast. Abby also confessed that even though she has given so many years to Dance Moms, contributed to the success of the show and still the production team haven’t reached out to her and asked about her well being after her quitting the show.

More, Abby complained that the makers of the show stopped her from using her skills which bounded the show’s success to a certain limit. The revelations did not stop here as she added that being disrespected and manipulated on the show forced her to leave as she does not promote such kind of behavior.

The makers of the show were not available to comment on Abby’s revelations. Dance Moms currently have gone into a reboot mode with all new star cast and theme. Well, the whole game of revelations is going on still a long time now and what to believe is becoming difficult for the fans. Stay tuned with us for more updates. Keep up!


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