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Fans have been desperately waiting for the Windows 10 Mobile now for some time. Microsoft has been working on this for over a year now and still we don’t have any confirmed release date though rumours keep surfacing now and then suggesting one launch date or another.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella has been often questioned and even been trolled by some fans for this delay and not to mention the fact that the Windows 10 Mobile offered to the Insiders is still full of bugs, the most prominent of them being the alarm clock which fails to go off every now and then.

Windows 10 Mobile

Users on Reddit even took on Nadella by saying that he should himself use a Windows 10 Mobile device to have a taste of his own medicine. Few have even contended that he uses an iPhone as his daily driver, but Nadella indeed uses a Lumia 950 XL as his main phone and we also really hope that he would himself be aware of all the bugs by now.

A Redditor, relevant_topic took an interesting way to take a jibe on Nadella. The Redditor has imagined a day in the life of the Microsoft CEO while he tries to cope up with all the bugs in the Windows 10 Mobile. This is indeed hilarious and we would like our readers to take it in light humour as it isn’t intended to hurt anyone’s feeling or emotions. Here is the transcript:

 (7am Satya’s house) Oh it’s a very important day today. Satya is going to chat with Tim Cook about the smartphone developments in the year 2016. It’s very important not to sleep over and wake up in time. The alarm does not go off.

(9am) Satya and Tim prepares with a good and healthy breakfast. They are chatting using Facebook messenger. The following pops up: “Tim changed your nickname to Nutella. Tim changed the color to pink”. Satya wrotes back at Tim: you know I can’t actually see these right? Tim replies: Oh I forgot

(10am) Uh, looks like somebody is a bit late today. Satya better catches an Uber. “Hey Cortana” says Satya “Call me an Uber”. Cortana does a websearch for can me a über.

(11am) Satya looks out of the window. It’s a beautiful morning over America. It’s pretty, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the star banner is dancing in the wind. Satya pulls his phone out and tries to take an image. The Camera crashes, the image is not taken. Satya is now a bit sadder.

(11:14am) Tim writes: Should I call you on Skype? Satya immediately answers: Sure. Tim rings Satya, but there is nothing on Satya’s screen. “Nah,” he writes “I’m not seeing anything.”

(1:00pm) Satya was reading the latest news on Windows Phone. He was quite happy, until the Edge didn’t crash and the whole phone didn’t restart

(2pm) Satya wanted to listen to the ‘Discover Weekly’ on Spotify. He wanted to…

(3pm) Satya’s phone is almost dead now. It needs to be recharged. He yells at Tim, who has just left the building, stealing secret Microsoft data: “Hey Tim, do you have a charger?” Tim looked bad disappointed and left.

(4pm) Tim wrote via text: Check your Snapchat, I have some surprise for you. Satya knew, he was just making fun and pouring salt on the wound.

The phone crashed a couple of time again, but Satya didn’t care anymore. It’ll be good for the users, he said.

We hope this was fun and thanks to the Redditor again for this hearty laugh. This wasn’t meant to hurt or defame anyone so please just take this lightly in good humour and do leave your comments below.


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