In the seventh clip, we meet the Rotom Pokédex, first introduced in the last trailer for the game. It would appear that rather than the Pokédex being a ‘form’ of Rotom, the Pokémon has instead ‘entered’ a specially developed body to give rise to the “new era” Pokédex. We see him set what appears to be a waypoint towards the Trainers’ School, and a look at a list of ‘field guides’: one for Alola, and one for ‘Melemele’, which might be one of the islands of the region.

Finally, in the eighth clip, we take a look at the trainer of Pokémon Sun and Moon: starting with trainer customisation. There seem to be four options of appearance – not exactly a whole lot, and it certainly misses out on Afro-textured hair, but I suppose it’s a start. We get a brief look at what the trainers look like in their rooms, and then out in the field before the curtains close.

We’ll no doubt see a lot more content at the Nintendo Treehouse: Live, which will be on June 14th and 15th. Specifically, it seems that we’ll be seeing Pokémon Sun and Moon gameplay on June 14th, at 9 am Pacific Time as it seems the gameplay will be kicking off Nintendo Treehouse itself. Let us know what you thought about the clips in the comments below!


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