7 Days to Die update A15 is going to release on the PC today. You all probably know what is coming to the game in this experimental release. However, what you probably don’t know is what is not present in this update and might arrive in a future update. Here are some of the things that are NOT present in the upcoming 7 Days to Die update.

7 days to die update
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7 Days to Die Update does not include the following

1. Socket system – towns with winding roads and POI’s on hills

2. Sleeper zombies – more corpses that wake up upon entering a room or POI

3. Breadcrumb system – more advanced AI

4. Additional vehicle(s) – buggy and gyrocopter

5. Use for hazmat suits – radiation zones with much better loot

6. Bandits – human adversaries with guns

7. Pets – wolves, bears, etc

8. Animal husbandry – raise chickens, pigs, whatever

9. Boats / rafts – make water-based transportation

10. Farming – seeds for chrysanthemum, yucca, aloe, mushrooms

11. Weapon customization – silencers, attachable scopes, laser sights, breakdown of crossbow parts

12. Electricity – generators, radial grid, and attachable powered units

13. Custom backpacks – various sizes and craftable / repairable, with a smaller starting inventory and expandable to much larger

14. Spears – early melee / throwable weapon

15. Fire – this was mentioned a long time ago and we would eventually be able to burn POI’s and possibly use fire as a form of trap

16 Food spoilage – at some point we’d have to worry about keeping food cold so it didn’t spoil, but this was possibly a pipe dream

17. Random world generation enhancements – not sure if the enhancements in Navesgane, which is static, are part of the RWG changes and will make it into RWG or not. We would love to see mountains, valleys, and climates based on elevation again

18 Rattlesnakes – we even saw the model for this, and developers said they’d be relatively prevalent in the desert

Let us know what you think of the 7 Days to Die update.


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