7 Days to Die is a survival crafting game set in a zombie apocalypse. It’s more along the lines of Day-Z. it’s been available for a few years now on Steam. It’s still in early access. However, it still plays as an early access game even in its disclaimer free console version. Poor optimization, terrible controls and poor graphics are the order of the day. It’s a neat idea with poor execution. 7 Days to Die Update 1.04 went live yesterday and it did more harm than good.

7 days to die update
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7 Days to Die Update 1.04 – Nope it’s still broken

The patch notes of 7 Days to Die claim to make improvements to the game. These include removing stability and performance issues. On PS4 they made a valuable change.

“Implemented a system to back up save files on PS4 so that, if a user’s save data becomes corrupted due to a crash during the saving process, they will lose very little progress. This fix will only work for any future saves that become corrupted; it will not be able to recover data for users who have run into save data corruption prior to Patch 3.”

For Xbox One they fixed a bug that would make the game unresponsive to the controller after the user disconnects it from the Xbox and connects it back again.

However, some annoying bugs like climbing a ladder makes your health and huger drop to 0% instantly. In a video uploaded by Whiskey Gaming it appears the player can lose water while attempting to climb through a hatch. This is definitely a problem for those who have vertical bases with a lot of climbing through ladders.

Some are even claiming that the issues 7 Days to Die Update 1.04 promised to fix aren’t actually fixed. Players still report controller disconnect after applying the patch.

Meanwhile PC players are enjoying the game and laughing at console players. One of the reasons why 7 Days to Die updates and patches don’t improve anything on consoles is because of the incompetent third party devs hired by TFP.

We’ll keep you updated with more 7 Days to Die news and updates. Stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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