7 Days to Die recent patch aims to resolve several issues that have kept the community annoyed for a long time. These include audio, visual and system bugs and glitches. Console edition of 7 days to die is, without a doubt, a pain to play. However, with the upcoming fixes and patches we do believe the game has the potential to impress us as much as it did on PC. Here are the 7 Days to Die Patch 4 Changes.

7 days to die patch 4
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7 Days to Die Patch 4 – List of all fixes


1 – Fixed an issue where zombies would not spawn for all players if they were far away from each other during a Blood Moon in a multiplayer game

2 – Fixed an issue where the cobblestone frame was invisible until it was fully built

3 – Fixed an issue where the Steel Pickaxe would disappear into the ground when dropped with the D-Pad

4 – Fixed an issue in split screen where only the map discovery progress of player 2 would be saved

5 – Fixed a bug that was causing minibikes to take damage when turning

6 – Fixed an issue where the “Exit” button was occasionally not appearing in the “Skills,” “Players,” and “Quest” tabs with Creative Mode on

7 – Fixed an exploit that would allow players to infinitely harvest meat and hides from animals by reloading the chunk the corpses are in

8 – Fixed an issue that was occasionally causing dead zombie to remain standing


* Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when allied players would attempt to shoot each other

* Another crash fixed that would sometimes occur when moving items quickly from the inventory to the Toolbelt

* Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when looting bodies or containers

* Fixed an issue where dead mobs would occasionally vanish when a host and client in an online multiplayer game would experience a desync

* Made it so that the game will pause when the player enters any console menus (like “Share” on PS4 or the quick menu on XB1 or PS4) in a single player game


* Fixed an issue where the adjusting the gamma settings was having no effect in-game

* Made crosshairs bolder and more prominent

* Fixed an issue in split screen where water would disappear while the character was diving

* Another issue fixed where water surfaces would occasionally appear underwater

* Fixed an issue where thunder SFX would play whenever the pause menu was opened or closed during a storm

Visit the official 7 days to die patch 4 forums to let the developer know what you think of the game so far. Also, let us know in the comments what you think about the game so far.


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