7 Days to Die is an open world voxel based sandbox game. It is a unique mix of first-person shooting, survival horror, tower defense and RPG. It combines combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration and character growth. After all, this time, it’s still in early access. And it’s not showing any signs of getting better. This is especially true for the console version of the game on Xbox One. The developer is milking the game in early access to bait people into trying it promising them that the game will get better at some point. But they only end up disappointing them further. Here is our 7 Days to Die impressions. Despite so many updates later, it is still not worth your time. This is a must-read for those playing the console version of the game.

7 days to die impressions
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It’s a really bad Day-Z clone – Arguably worse than Infestation Survivor Stories

You might find it hard to believe but this is definitely true. The game is riddled with bugs, glitches and so many game-breaking moments that it just turns you off. Earlier we revealed that players on Reddit discovered a new bug after the game just updated. The bug caused players to lose water after they climbed ladders or went through certain hatches.

7 Days to Die impressions – poor optimization for consoles

The framework for a decent survival game exists beneath all the jargon. Sad to see it all going to waste due to poor graphical optimization for consoles. Really bland and ugly textures combined with frame rate drops and fuzzy textures makes the game look like something out of 2003. In fact, this might easily be the worst looking game on next-gen consoles at the moment.

Bugs, bugs, and MORE BUGS!

You don’t need to wait for the apocalypse to arrive and ravage your settlement after 7 days when you can already get ravaged before that thanks to numerous game breaking bugs. Everything from clipping into the ground to awful animations (seriously who did the animation for this game?) ruin the entire experience and make you wonder how you can prepare for the zombie hordes when the game wouldn’t let you perform basic base building tasks.

Oh my god the melee combat is so atrocious…

It’s like Doom from 1993 where you go over to an enemy and hit the fire button to see the same punching animation repeat until the monster was finally killed. Except even that melee combat animation from 1993 looked more meaningful and impressive than the absolute garbage found in 7 Days to Die. There is literally no indicator that you or your enemy registered a hit except for a dumb and ugly looping animation (seriously, I’ll ask this again, who did the animation?).

7 Days to Die impressions – They shouldn’t have released the game on consoles if they didn’t even bother changing the UI for controllers

Yup, it’s the same UI made for Keyboard and Mouse navigation and not controllers. It’s a similar problem we find in other games as well, most notably No Man’s Sky where you have to use a controller to navigate the UI in a manner more accustomed to the PC mouse.

7 days to die impressions
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Throughout the whole experience, repetition is a tired and recurring theme. Whether it is in the repeated animations, repeated models or repeating tedium.

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