7 Days to Die biggest content update recently went live and it’s no joke. Furthermore, there are major changes to the basic framework of the game. Consequently, players are required to start a new game entirely. However, those unable to start the game are advised to clear their Steam cache and re-install the game. Developer has also advised players to wipe their player profile data completely to run the game with this update.

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7 Days To Die Alpha 15 Release Notes

“Navezgane world updates

New Distant Terrain feature renders terrain over 1 kilometer away.

Almost 2 square kilometers of new explorable space has been unlocked

New highly embellished height map with huge mountains in every biome

New giant desert canyon

Over 23 new locations have been added to Game most in both
Navezgane and Random Gen

Random Gen Worlds 3.0
We’ve greatly improved random gen with many improvements and additions including:

New RG Distant Terrain

New road system that uses pathfinding for smoother transitions in
height in all areas besides the hub entries.

Terrain generation is now in rwgmixer.xml: This allows for modification of the terrain

Biome generation is now also in rwgmixer.xml : This allows for modification of biomes

Hubcell data is generated and saved in the game’s save dir. This allows backward compatibility and prevents RWG from regenerating the hub each time it’s called when not cached.

Rwgmixer is saved to the game’s save dir. This ensures the same terrain generation and biome generation and prefab regardless of edits to the main file.

All new locations spawn except for the football stadium, canyon gift shop and canyon cliff dwellings.

We added a Random Gen Wolrd Previewer tool see the modding section below for more details.”

Furthermore, other improvements include Farming, Station Searching, Chemistry and many other changes. In short, the game has been revamped from the ground up. Let us know what you think of these changes in 7 Days to Die.


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