Say hello to your new friend in 7 Days to Die Alpha 16 Update. It’s a really frightening being called the Grizzly Bear and its out to get you. But don’t worry, you can take refuge in caves. The new bear is not meant to be befriended. You can tell when danger is close when you hear the heavy breathing noise and grunting sounds in the distance along with the sound of bushes and foliage being put aside as something makes its way through them.

7 days to die alpha 16 update
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7 Days to Die Alpha 16 Update Features

Currently, the bear is only meant to be a hindrance. But the devs have hinted that we might be able to make use of it a bit more down the road. The bear also has a lot of hit points as the developer video shows. Several shotgun shots to the head doesn’t kill it. After ore than 10 shots, from the shotgun, is when the bear goes down.

A new cave system has also been introduced. The dev video shows off a screenshot of it and not an actual demo because, according to him, “he lost it somewhere and don’t want to find it”. It’s like a small burrow in the ground. The cave entrance leads to a complex system of tunnels with ores and one could easily lose themselves inside.

The surprise feature being introduced is electricity. You will have a wire tool. When you right click on your power source, it will start a wire. Afterwards, if you right click a relay, the wire will connect to a relay. From there, you can connect your wire to other stuff such as signs and turrets etc.

Let us know your thoughts about the 7 Days to Die Alpha 16 Update Features. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more news and updates about 7 Days to Die and other survival horror games.


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