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Before we start talking about it, let us tell you that Netflix is awesome when you get a subscription for it. And let’s talk about why you shouldn’t subscribe to Netflix. Why? Because paying that money will not be right for everyone and may not be totally worth for every subscriber.

There are some disadvantages of Netflix subscription that you should know before you get one. We have listed some of those downsides below.


1. Regional Selections are Limited

This is the biggest drawback in Netflix. The number of TV shows and movies and their quality depends on the location where you live. For instance, US viewers might get all the content for a fixed amount, while some other countries might not get some significant amount of that content, which isn’t fair if you are paying the same amount as others.

2. Library is Outdated

Another big complaint with Netflix is that its library is outdated and only the Netflix originals are trendy and timely. So you might not get the recent content that is released on other networks like CBS and ABC, and you will have to wait a good long time for it.

3. Internet Requirements

Like any type of online streaming service, Netflix requires Internet. That’s fine, but there’s a lot of difference in the experience when you are not watching your favourite content in HD, FullHD, or 4K. And if your net goes down, then you are stuck with your mobile phone. So unless your internet connection is reliable, you shouldn’t rely on the quality of a Netflix subscription.

4. Data Cap Consumption

Videos in Netflix can eat up more than a GB of data every hour depending on the quality of shows and movies you watch. So if you are on a capped data connection, do remember that Netflix is a bad news for the connection.

5. No Content Ownership

Buying a DVD makes it yours, but that is not how Netflix works. You pay for a subscription, you watch shows, and then you cannot store them for later viewing. You have to view them again online on Netflix, which again eats up your data and does not allow you full portability.

6. Subscription Value

This is a small point, but an important one. If you have taken an $8 subscription on Netflix and haven’t really watched anything, then Netflix isn’t worth your hard-earned money. So get a subscription only when you want to binge-watch.


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