Now that a fantastic, fabulous 2016 is coming to an end, it’s time to take a look at some of the biggest celebrity social media mistakes of the year. It’s one thing to be on social media, it’s another to maintain your reputation and not commit blunders. Celebs on social media sometimes commit blunders and end up embarrassed and red-faced. This year was no exception. From The Voice coach Blake Shelton to the famous American singer, songwriter and actress Madonna, celebs committed blunders on social media and ended up paying the price. First up on our list of 6 celebs who committed the biggest social media mistakes is none other than Blake Shelton.

6 Biggest Ridiculous Celebrity Social Media Mistakes Of 2016

1. Blake Shelton’s Tweets

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We all know Alicia Keys isn’t too fond of Blake Shelton. Apparently, she’s unhappy with Blake Shelton and expressed her views on The Ellen DeGeneres show after The Voice S11 finale – “A little p**sed off at Blake. I’m just sick of Blake. Apparently, he just thinks he’s mister ‘I win all of them’ and all of this. I told him, ‘This game must be rigged’.”

Well, if that’s not embarrassing enough for Blake, past social media posts have now come haunting him. In 2012, he had written a series of messages that many viewed as racist and sexist.  In 2011, he had written – “learn some English so I would at least know what he’s planning to bomb!!”. And in yet another 2010 tweet, he writes about a “sick fantasy” about the then 16-year old Dakota Fanning. His fans were left fuming so much so that The Voice coach had to finally apologize. Well, definitely one of the biggest social media blunders!

2. Madonna’s Meme

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Madonna wanted to show her support during the Orlando massacre. She posted a meme of herself kissing Britney Spears. It looks like her intention was to convey the subtle meaning behind the meme message, which read – “Gay or straight – no hate”. But fans didn’t take it the way she wanted them to. They were quite offended because they thought it was inappropriate to post such a meme in the wake of a tragedy of the scale of Orlando massacre.

3. Debra Messing’s Inappropriate Tweet

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When it comes to celebs committing social media blunders, Debra Messing doesn’t want to be left out. The American actress best known for her many television roles, notably her 8-year stint playing Grace Adler on the NBC sitcom Will & Grace, created a social media blunder when she posted a selfie during the UCLA shooting. Debra Messing tweeted a pic with a caption – “HORRENDOUS Watching news about shooting at UCLA with casualties while taking selfie to bring awareness to gun violence.” Naturally, this didn’t go well with her fans. The actress later issued an apology.

4. Patton Oswalt’s Donald Trump Reaction

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Well, while people all over the world were wondering what went wrong with America’s election when Donald Trump became the President-elect, Patton Peter Oswalt, the American stand-up comedian, writer, actor and voice actor took to twitter to express his views. He got into trouble when he responded to a tweet that said – “Trump has properties all over the world. Terrorists will have a long list of targets that are literally owned by POTUS and bear his name.” Patton Oswalt responded by re-tweeting and adding “Holy f**k, Come ‘n’ get it, terrorists!”. Twitter users called his post “outrageous” and demanded an apology.

5. Cher’s Insensitive Use of Emoji

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If someone needs to learn how to use right emoji’s at the right moment, it’s got to be Cher. During the Turkey airport attack, Cher tweeted –  “We all pray for innocent ppl in turkey airport”. Well, she wouldn’t have got into a controversy if she had ended the tweet at that. But Cher ended the tweet with a bomb emoji and an explosion icon. Clearly, the use of bomb emoji stirred strong emotions. Cher later apologized for the being insensitive.

6. Mischa Barton’s Total Lack Of Courtesy


Last but not the least, Mischa Barton! The British-American actress who is well-known for her role as the protagonist of Lawn Dogs, decried the death of Alton Sterling in her Instagram message. She then displayed total lack of courtesy and netiquette by posting a pic of her in a bikini on yacht with her eyes closed. Well, common sense tells you that posting a bikini pic alongside a message sympathizing with someone’s death is the most inappropriate thing anyone could do!

Know of any other celeb social media mistakes that we missed? Feel free to post in the comments section!


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