In the present world where internet has become a need, free Wi-Fi is no less than a boon to people who are always online. Everyone loves free Wi-Fi, don’t we? Well, if you like to save your mobile data and use Wi-Fi without paying for it, our 10 tips to get free Wi-Fi can be pretty useful to you.

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1. Scan For Open Networks

It is common as well as lucky to find open/unsecured Wi-Fi connections; you just have to keep an eye out for such hotspots. Just go to Settings > Wi-Fi and check whether any open or unsecured Wi-Fi network is in range.

2. Go to a Mall, Library, Starbucks, or McDonalds

Many places provide open Wi-Fi or free Wi-Fi connections that just require you to do a simple login before you can hit the web and start browsing. In case you are in college, see whether you library has got a Wi-Fi connection. If not, you can always visit malls, as most of them nowadays offer free Wi-Fi to shoppers. And in case you are hungry, make sure you go to McDonalds, Starbucks, or only those restaurants that offer free Wi-Fi to their customers.

3. Go to a Hotel

Of course, checking-in into a hotel just to get free Wi-Fi is nonsensical, especially when you’re in your own city. Well, you should know that most of the hotel receptionists do not remember the faces of their guests. So try walking up to a hotel reception and asking for the Wi-Fi password casually; you might end up enjoying some free internet in the hotel lobby for a few hours!

4. Browse a “Free Wi-Fi” Community

An app called WeFi connects you to an open Wi-Fi automatically around you. It is actually based on combined resources of thousands of users like you. WeFi has a database of many million free hotspots, so you can be sure to land one in your city using the app. Instabridge is another great app that allows you access to crowd-sourced Wi-Fi networks and passwords.

5. Check With Your Cable Company

Many big cable networks provide Wi-Fi access as a promotional freebie to you when you subscribe to a cable pack. So make sure to read the fine print or call your customer service to check the same.

6. Ask For It

Don’t be shy and ask for the Wi-Fi password when you’re at your friends’ house. In case you are out somewhere and need urgent internet access in an area which has got secured Wi-Fi networks, try asking a local, friendly chap whether he can give you a Wi-Fi password; you will be surprised to see how helpful people are!


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