3. Atheon and Crota

Destiny’s New Raids have really been amazing. The Wrath of the Machines is certainly the best of all as it lets you run with your friends. Though lots of the Destiny players want to go back to the fantastic Atheon and Crota. Destiny: Age of Triumph is all about reliving the greatest of all memories mixed with all kinds of new challenges. If a remix of Vault of Glass and Crota’s End comes back to the game, it’ll definitely cheer up the saddened destiny fans.

One thing is for sure, Age of Triumph will definitely have to have more content in the game. If it’s all the reworking of things most of the players have already experienced, it’ll never be getting much of the attention. So, if Age of Triumph has to offer more content, why not add some of the content from the past that really is worth enjoying.


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