1. Less Light / More Light

Although Destiny is a brilliant Online-Only First-person Shooter video game it sometimes feels like looping around. The Dark Areas, events turning into a hunt for weapons that one may never use, and the armor that you collect just to fill up your inventory are all the key elements that somehow lead to boredom. If you are a long hour player, you might actually get bored playing destiny over and over again. The game seems to hold you on a specific level of skills and growth seems halted. This leads to a Zero to none ratio of increasing the legends.

A slight change in light patterns (raising it to 20-25) eventually makes the game a worthwhile title but soon the same happens and that gets in the way to progress. So if the light is perfected in the game, it’ll allow us to explore or revisit the areas again and find out things that we left behind due to less lighting. Destiny: Age of Triumph is probably going to have this issue covered. And Hopefully, we’ll see changes and betterments in the game.


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