In the beginning, Pokemon GO is a really easy game to understand. You have to go out, catch as many Pokemon you can, and start evolving them. However, that’s only for the initial stages, as higher levels bring greater challenges. We recently posted a guide on how to level up fast in Pokemon GO.

Today, we are going to give you some more advice and tips about the game that will help you play the game perfectly and more smoothly.

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Is Incense Better Than Lure Module?

In a previous Incense vs. Lure Module post, we had compared the two ways of attracting Pokemon to your location. As you know, Incense attracts Pokemon to your location wherever you go. But a Lure has to be kept activated at a PokeStop and the Pokemon will be lured only towards that PokeStop.

A lot of people still don’t know that the Pokemon you attract using Incense can be seen only by you. But those creatures that come to a PokeStop attracted by a Lure Module can be seen by other players as well. Also, if many players at the same location have activated Incense, they will see the same Pokemon that spawned due to the Incense.

Where Can I Find Rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

A lot of people ask that question as they want to get their hands on a rare Pokemon like a Vaporeon (that caused a stampede in NYC). Well, even though some Pokemon are found in some particular areas, rare Pokemon can come up in any populated area. So the actual truth is that any Pokemon can spawn anywhere and you’ll get a rare Pokemon if you are lucky. You could also try the egg hatching method to get rare Pokemon.

When Can I Claim Pokemon GO Gym Rewards?

When you win a Gym in Pokemon GO, you can immediately collect your rewards. However, remember that rewards can be collected only once in every 21 hours. So it’s better to collect them at the end of the day when are done playing the game.

When Should I Boost the CP of My Pokemon?

Experts have said that it really does not matter at what time you boost your Pokemon’s CP. You can do it before or after evolving the creature. But of course, there are benefits and losses too. You would need to use more Stardust to boost a 900 CP Jolteon to 1200 CP and less to increase the CP of an Eevee from 350 to 450. Also, remember that levelling up is more important than powering up. So save your Stardust until your reach 20 or higher levels.

My Pokemon GO Bag is Full, What Should I Do?

If your bag is full, you will have no choice but to delete some of your Razzberries, revives, and potions. Anyway, you shouldn’t keep more than 30 revives and 50 potions but instead you should focus on stocking up Pokeballs. At higher levels, you need more Pokeballs to catch stronger Pokemon, so be ready for that.

Bonus: How to Level Up Faster?

Keep catching common Pokemon like Weedles, Caterpies, Rattatas, etc. When your eggs are about to hatch, use a Lucky Egg. Also, while the Lucky Egg is active, evolve any and all Pokemon you can during that time to get loads of XP. At the same time, try catching any and all Pokemon you can and also pass by as many PokeStops as possible. Loads and loads of XP will be added to your profile. If possible, attack a gym while the Lucky Egg is working.

If you have any doubts or tips to share, please comment below.


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