Gmail is undoubtedly one of the most popular e-mail services currently available on any platform. One of Google’s all-time best offerings, Gmail is used every day by hundreds of millions of users throughout the world. All of us possess at least one Gmail account which we use every day for sending and receiving e-mails. But Gmail is capable of much more than just that. Gmail owes its huge popularity to its user-friendly interface and the multitude of functionalities which it offers at the disposal of its users. Mastering these few Gmail tips and tricks can really make you a Gmail Pro.

Even though Gmail is one of the most frequently used application, but still there are several of its features which aren’t that well-known. These somewhat hidden Gmail tips and tricks are in fact so much handy and useful that any Gmail user should be aware of these. These Gmail tips and tricks will make your Gmail experience far more rich and convenient than earlier. And the best part is that these Gmail tips and tricks are very easy to follow. Although there are a huge number of important and useful Gmail tips and tricks, but we’ve shortlisted the best 5 Gmail tips and tricks for you. Just master these Gmail tips and tricks and become a Gmail Power-user.

So here are the best 5 Gmail tips and tricks that every user needs to know:


How often do we find cursing ourselves over an unintended mail sent in haste? It happens to the best of us. Many a time we inadvertently send an e-mail which was not supposed to be sent. At times like this, what won’t we give to have that mail reverted or unsent? What if we told you that it is actually possible.

Well, although it’s practically impossible to undo or revert back an already sent email on Gmail, but Google offers a feature on Gmail which sort of provides the users with a small window in which you can undo a sent mail. Wondering how you can do it? Just follow these easy steps to undo an already sent mail on Gmail:

STEP 1: Open your Gmail account on your browser.

STEP 2: Open Settings by clicking on the settings icon on the upper-right corner of your Gmail Window as shown in the figure.

STEP 3: A drop down menu will appear. Select Settings from within the various options.

STEP 4: Now in the next window, scroll down till you find the Undo Send option.

Gmail Tips and Tricks

STEP 5: Now Enable Undo Send by ticking the box beside it. You can select a Send cancellation period from between 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds as per your wish.

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Please note that by enabling this feature, Gmail will provide you with an additional few seconds up to a maximum of 30 seconds in which you can undo a sent mail. But once this period expires, there is no way by which you can unsend or retrieve back an already sent e-mail.