#3: Dirty Bomb

Platforms: Windows

Dirty Bomb

Here’s something free-to-play, for once, so you can spend a week and half without spending any actual cash. Dirty Bomb comes from Splash Damage, the developers of the multiplayer versions of Gears of War 4 and Doom 3. As with Overwatch, Dirty Bomb features ‘mercenaries’ you must pick from. You can pick up to 3 mercs and switch freely between them. Teamwork is crucial to the game, and going off on your own will not ensure a very long life for you.

There are a total of 19 mercs you can choose from, each one filling a role such as Engineer, Fire Support, Medic, Assault and Recon. Needless to say, the mercs have their own abilities and weapons. The game’s tone is also not that far from Overwatch, in my opinion: a T-rated mix of real-world grit with cartoonish fantasy. It’s free and available on Steam here.


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