#3 DarkMaus

Platforms: Windows

If Titan Souls borrowed the ‘Souls’ from Dark Souls, DarkMaus settles for the ‘Dark’. In DarkMaus, you control a mouse that must figure out what has caused the world of Hazath to become corrupted – a typically Souls-esque plot. Of course, things are not very straightforward, and you soon find yourself fighting enemies with swords, bows, fireballs and other weapons.

Dark Maus

The game is explicitly inspired by Dark Souls, and features a steep difficulty curve, forcing you to think each situation several times through. Like Dark Souls, you are offered a very wide variety of playstyles you can mix and match to your liking. But like Dark Souls, you will be punished for being too greedy with your attacks or for making mistakes.

DarkMaus wears its Dark Souls inspiration on its sleeve, and even the user interface for the game is borrowed from that game. Whether you can survive in the harsh world of Hazath is entirely up to your skills, just like in Lordran, Drangleic or Lothric.


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