As a pre-order customer of the Oculus Rift, you might wonder what games you can play in virtual reality? Or are you thinking are there any games that you can play with? In fact, there are. So if you got your virtual reality headset ready, buckle up for these are 5 free games you should try upon getting your first virtual reality headset.


An indie game created by Psytec Games that lets you experience jumping and climbing on trees with the use of hooks. You can also do huge jumps that let you feel like a superhero. Precise movement and exploration are needed to overcome this virtual reality game.


Built by BigScreen, this is a casual stack the blocks game. You can create your own art by combining different colored blocks into a pile. It feels like you can build your own city then live with it, however, the feature that is only developed this app is to destroy your work of art.

I Expect You To Die1433260072524z0thrwtrzfr_1433260540388

A classic survival game made by Schell Games where you are stuck inside a car and you have to find your way to get out. By using different things that are laid in front of you, your goal is to use your wits and experienced to utilize these things for your own survival.



A Minecraft inspired game developed by Daniel Fuller and Mary Grimes where you will jump from different blocks and try not to fall. It is a casual but challenging game, perfect to provide you hours of fun in your seat.

Back To Dinosaur Island 2back_to_dinosaur_island_2_1

Developed by Crytek where you will get the chance to experience a dinosaur journey while slowly moving up of a cliff using a zip line. Very fun visually and stunning.


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