Ubisoft announced yesterday four of its free-to-play titles will cease to exist, as any kind of official server support will shut down before the end of the year. This is part of publisher’s cost cutting actions.

Ghost Recon Phantoms 1 Ubisoft

The first game shutting down is Mighty Quest For Epic Loot (Free-to-Play Online RTS game for PC); its servers will go down on October 25.

The next games in line are Tom Clancy’s Endwar Online (another Free-to-play RTS title for PC), and Might and Magic Duel of Champions (a free-to-play mix between strategy and card game available for PC and iPad); both will shut down on October 31st.

Ghost Recon Phantoms Endwar 1 Ubisoft

The final game being ditched is Ghost Recon: Phantoms, a free-to-play online third-person tactical shooter, available for PC. All games stopped offering real money sales as of now, with in-game stores still remain open enabling players to buy in-game items with virtual currencies the already acquired.

Aside from taking the games offline, Ubisoft will also shut down their websites, forums and social media accounts. In other words, they’ll disappear before the end of the year.

Ghost Recon Phantoms 2 Ubisoft

It seems the said games just weren’t generating enough revenue for Ubisoft to keep them running, having less and less user interest, and declining player base. Some games were live for almost three years (like Might & Magic: Duel of Champions, which launched in November 2013), while others like Endwar Online went on full launch less than a year ago (December 2015).

Most fans were saddened, with some sharing their frustrations on community websites.