iPhone jailbreaks are no longer as much in demand as they were just until a couple of years or so back. With all the new features recent iOS releases have brought in, alongside the increasing availability of the iPhone across carriers has more or less rendered jailbreak a somewhat unnecessary concept, if not outright useless.

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However, that’s the perspective you tend to develop only if you make your observation at the surface level. Dig a little deeper, and you will come across many compelling reasons in favor of jailbreaking your device. Here’re four of those:

(Note: As you probably know already, jailbreaking your iPhone may bring along some security and stability issue in the long run).

1# Customize the UI and overall look

Looks-wise, iOS and Android are becoming increasingly similar these days. A jailbreak will help you get rid of that monotonous and universal feel of your iOS UI. With the right set of apps and launchers, an iPhone jailbreak will allow you to rebuild the key components of the UI.

2# Brings additional features to the apps

Jailbreaking your device will also enable you to let your apps make the most out of the phone’s native features without any restriction. Simply put, you will have a lot of new toys to play with. For example, you will be able to protect your individual apps with touch IDs or pin protection, or save media files on your device straight from Instagram feeds, or install a full file manager and many more.

3# No more pesky restrictions

Whenever you purchase a new iPhone (or for that matter, any iOS device), it comes with certain restrictions imposed by Apple that you may want to get rid of. For example, some of us are not fans of the default Messages app for texting. But with the existing restrictions, we will have to tolerate that app because Apple wants us to – for better or for worse.

Similarly, some of you may also feel the need to sync with iTunes remotely over the Internet but have been unable to do so because Apple won’t let you do it. Basically, if you want to get rid of any such restriction, jailbreaking is your only way out of this problem.

4# Gamer’s paradise

Currently, emulator apps are banned on the App Store. For the uninitiated, emulator apps enable you to turn your iPhone into a dedicated gaming console such as a PlayStation or even PlayStation Portable.

To run these emulator apps, you must first jailbreak your device.


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