As we approach a long time since the arrival of Halo: MCC, fans don’t believe the game will be fixed after the terrible 2014 release. Indeed, even with patches, the game is still broken. A 343 group director reacted to the fans. It’s awful news. Essentially, 343 Studios do not understand what to do to fix The Master Chief Collection.

343 Studios
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343 Studio has essentially relinquished the Master Chief Collection

Microsoft is fundamentally running Master Chief Collection into the ground. They have to give it a rest. In any event, make it a licensed innovation we just observe once amid an era. Furthermore, permit 343 to make something new in the time being.

Actually, none of us know whether another IP would beat Halo. Be that as it may, toward the day’s end, if Uncharted can surpass Halo, we accept 343 could make something that beats Halo. Microsoft does not have the trust in their groups to create a wonder such as this. Yet, we completely trust it is inside the domain of probability that Microsoft Studios could have as of now made a title superior to Halo. What’s more, it would have beat it on the off chance that they had given them the damn possibility.

Who knows how tremendous Destiny could have been from Microsoft as a selective in the event that they simply let Bungie really make their game. New IPs turn out constantly. Also, they do surpass Halo. Which demonstrates that the main reason that you’re not seeing any of Microsoft IPs beat Halo is on account of they’re not making any new ones in any case.

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