Details surrounding AMD’s RX Vega and its many different variants have surfaced online. Originally published by 3Dcenter, the leak was later confirmed by the folks over at Videocardz.

Not only that, the release schedule for custom variants of RX Vega has also made it to 3Dcenter forums and assuming that said leaks are indeed spot on, it seems everything is on track so far and the much-anticipated RX Vega launch will take place on SIGGRAPH Capsaicin on July 30, 2017.

AMD Radeon RX Vega release date

It also looks like there will be at least three major variants of RX Vega, including Vega XTX, Vega XT, and Vega XL.

While the Vega XTX is likely to be the Radeon Frontier Edition GPU, the Vega XT is expected to be a gaming-centric chip. Apart from the TDP difference, there won’t be any major difference between these two variants.

So far the leaks suggest, the XTX variant will be a water cooled GPU with 375W of Thermal Board Power and the GPU itself drawing approximately 300W. The clock rates of this GPU are believed to be near or above 1700-1800 MHz. Compared to that, Vega XT will rely on an air cooler and its Thermal Board Power will stand at 285W, with the GPU drawing approximately 220W.

Vega XL, on the other hand, is a custom only chip that comes with a cut-down Vega core. So, instead of the 4096 SPs found in Vega, Vega XL will only carry 3584 cores. The Thermal Board Power and GPU power draw remains unchanged, though.

Vega XL will rely on an air cooler and it will be an AIB-Exclusive. That essentially means that we won’t be coming across any reference or Frontier Edition cards carrying this particular chip.

Speaking of AIB variants of RX Vega, here is the release schedule of the custom AIB RX Vega variants:

BOM releaseBill Of Materials ReleaseThe beginning to the end of June
EVTEngineering Validation TestLate June to early July
DVTDesign Validation TestEarly to mid-July
WSWorking SampleIn mid-July
EMI TestElectromagnetic Interference TestIn mid-July
PVTProduction Validation TestIn late July and early August
PVT Sorting?beginning of August
PPBIOSEinpflegung the final source BIOS of AMDIn early August (final source system BIOS on  August 2nd )
Ramp & MPStart of mass productionwill be specified later, there's the date specified by AMD missing


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