Apple Inc. sold twice as many Watches as iPhones in each of these device’s debut year. Yet the smartwatch is dogged by a perception that seems premature given the history of Apple’s most popular devices: disappointment.

Wall Street Journal has just reported that Apple’s second-generation Apple Watch 2 finally will join the mobile network data connectivity while there will be a faster processor.


One of the most criticized things about Apple Watch is that it is too dependent on the iPhone, and many functions can not be used alone. But now the Apple Watch 2 is rumored to get its own network connection for the use of GPS location, call , transfer and play music and more.

Also in the new watchOS 2 system, Apple allows third-party applications on the iPhone to push for independency. Also, apps uploaded to the App Store for the Apple Watch after June 1, 2016, must be native applications found on the iPhone.

Faster processor is a very natural thing, but there is nothing concrete to say. Wall Street Journal also said that as of April 24, 2016, Apple Watch sales will reach 12 million at its one year mark. In contrast to this, the first generation iPhone sold only 6 million in its first year.

There are relatively easy fixes for some concerns in the Apple Watch. Apple is working on adding cell-network connectivity and a faster processor to its next-generation Watch, according to people familiar with the matter.