Contrary to what we expected, Microsoft’s Redstone  Update, which has a number of new features and bug fixes, is going to come in two different waves. The first of these waves will be released later this year, but in recent news, Microsoft has postponed release of the second wave until Spring 2017 in order to make it coincide with the release of new hardware.

Windows 10

The move makes sense and it is not first time that software updates are being synced with hardware releases. However, it raises the question – what new hardware?! Well, Microsoft has come up with a bunch of new surface tablets, the Book, the high end Lumias, and a handful of mid range products this year. Spring 2017 is a whole year away and there is no telling what it is that they might be working on for then.

Other products that Microsoft is scheduled to release late this year or early next year include the Surface Phone, the first generation Band and some new Surface Models. It is quite likely that these new models would come loaded with Redskin 2, which is likely to have more features than the Redskin 1 which will be composed mainly of bug fixes an a few minute modifications to the tiles and the log screen.

To that end, the delay of the Redskin isn’t altogether bad news, because it is also a harbinger of the news that next spring we are going to have possibly a range of new Windows 10 hardware.


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