In November 2016, Tesla officially confirmed that it was changing the policy of unlimited free Supercharging for all transports starting 2017. The change thus introduced meant that instead of the then-existing offer of unlimited free supercharging, Tesla car owners would be receiving 400 kWh of free supercharging credits a year that amounts to roughly 1,000 miles.

tesla-model-3 Supercharger V3

However, the company on January 2 announced that it was willing to grant a 2-week extension during which all potential customers will be able to order the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X cars and avail the unlimited free Supercharging offer. The temporary change in the policy will come into effect starting January 15, 2017, and will last two weeks.

Fred Lambert, the main writer and managing editor at Electrek, recently stated that all Tesla Model S and Model order prior to Jan 15 will qualify to use the unlimited Supercharger at a cost $0.40 a minute idle fee, adding that this policy will be applicable to all vehicles regardless of when it was delivered. This is obviously to ensure that people use superchargers only for charging and not just for parking.

At present, Tesla has more than 760 Supercharger stations across the world and the company has vowed to increase the number significantly this year before the mass production of the Tesla Model 3 commences. Apart from that, Tesla is also believed to be planning on a new-generation Supercharger with a much higher charging rate. (The latest version of the Tesla Supercharger has a capacity of 145 kw.)

Check out Lambert’s Twitter conversation with the Tesla boss below:


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