Well, 2016 went in a jiffy! But not before witnessing some of the best UFO moments caught on tape. 2016 saw several UFO sightings, all hinting at some form of alien life. Are we alone in the vast universe? Or are we being frequently visited by extra-terrestrial intelligence? Or what if we are the aliens? Or what if the Chariot of Gods hypothesis – which talks about the technologies and religions of many ancient civilizations given to them by ancient astronauts who were welcomed as gods – is true? Without breaking our head on the answers to these questions, let’s take a look at the Top 5 UFO sightings of 2016 that have been caught on tape.

1. UFO spotted over Ohio Military Base

An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was spotted in Dayton, Ohio. Fox News reported that a couple spotted the UFO hovering around Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, which housed an Air Force Project that documented alleged UFO and extraterrestrial sightings from 1947 to 1969. The video was posted on YouTube. Looks like aliens are secretly spying on Earth’s defense technology! The 13-minute video shows an object hovering and disappearing into the clouds.  The couple spotted the object when they were watching the sunset from home.

2. UFO shiny capsule around the Sun

In October 2016, StreetCap observed shiny capsule roaming around the sun in a footage grabbed from the live stream provided by International Space Station (ISS). The machine looks to be having long arm-like wings where the sunlight casts through. A number of explanations have been provided for the weird sighting, but none look convincing.

3. UFO sighting in Boise, Idaho

This sighting was at the beginning of 2016. The incident took place in Boise, Idaho. A man was able to capture the video of three objects in triangular formation. The video shows the UFOs moving towards the East covered in orange light. But express.co.uk has reported that two of the objects’ description matches that of Chinese lanterns, which are often set off on New Year’s Eve. Chinese lanterns are regularly mistaken for UFOs, despite being popular in several countries. It looks like the three objects in “triangular formation” were Chinese lanterns after all!

4. UFO sighting in Australia

A UFO was spotted in Australia in October 2016. The report mentions that the witness, while watching a jet aircraft, saw an object zooming in on the jet aircraft. “The object circled the jet, from top to bottom and then looped around the length of the fuselage.  The object then followed the jet for approximately 20 seconds and after this, it departed. The object had a metallic appearance that reflected the sun as it moved around, so at times no glint or reflection. The jet was moving in a north directly over Maryborough, in what looked like an approach to perhaps Hervey Bay Airport. The motion of this object was like a fly zooming around and turning with no loss of speed, and the looping motion was like a yo-yo on a string”, claims the witness.

5. UFO Spotted Down Under

This UFO sighting took place in June 2016 at Manangle, Campbelltown Area. The video shows 6 UFOs hovering above the Australian skies. A very odd looking object appears out of nowhere while other UFOs are seen covering up the clouds.

UFO sightings aren’t new. Many of the sightings have been either accounted for with scientific explanations or have been dismissed as pure hallucinations of the human mind. But the videos about the UFO sightings continue to keep us curious and make us wonder if we are the only luck ones in the vast infinite expanse of this universe!


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