An unknown number of 2016 MacBook Pro users who recently bought their devices reported disturbing graphical rendering issues that led to full-screen artifacts, flashing, screen tearing, and other random glitches including system crashes.

Initial reports tried and failed to isolate the issue, giving the impression that the glitches were caused by an unknown hardware issue. Some experts pointed out that the GPU inside 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro models was the culprit.

Sloppy software codes could be causing the 2016 MacBook Pro screen distortion issue (Image by Apple Support Communities member JPL007)

However, AppleInsider is now reporting that the issue is caused due to the use of sloppy code in third-party applications such as Adobe Premier Pro. Note that MobiPicker can not independently verify these claims — especially considering some users have also suggested they had faced the issue while using Apple’s own Photos app.

Meanwhile, a MacRumors forum member named Jan Becker stated that his brand new 15-inch MacBook Pro configured with an optional AMD Radeon Pro 460 GPU also crashed while transcoding a video in Adobe Premier Pro. Unable to fix the issue himself, Becker then took the device to an Apple store seeking the replacement. Apparently. Cupertino took note of the issue and contacted Becker over the phone asking him to explain the issue in detail.

According to reports, the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models that come equipped with the Radeon Pro 460 could be most impacted by this glitch. However, the issue is prevalent in other models too, including the 13-inch MacBook Pro variants with and without TouchBar.

In a statement to AppleInsider, Apple representatives have urged that “users experiencing the graphical distortions elsewhere than un-updated software should contact Apple support or make a Genius Bar appointment for case documentation.”


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