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Apple has always posed as one of the peek centers for the rumourmongers. And like it has always been, rumors continue to emerge about the next Apple iPhone to be released.

Some undefined sources reported that Apple already has some ‘potential prototypes’ for the iPhone 7 and that it might be the next device from the technology giant’s mobile division.

iPhone 6c

Although the most recent rumors have shifted focus from the flagship to a mid-level launch. As it goes, iPhone 6c might be the next smartphone from Apple and it will be officially unveiled in January 2016 and available from February 2016.

A recent report unveils that the new iPhone 6c will possibly be a metallic unibody and will feature a TouchID fingerprint scanner. It is also been rumored that Foxconn insiders are working on the 6c and that it is the same 4 inch Apple device which was rumored earlier. Since, we are talking about a ‘c’ device, it will certainly be cut on features. So don’t expect to have 3D touch and likewise premium features unless Apple goes crazy about its fans that it will ignore its flagship, the iPhone 6s‘ existence.

Coming to that part, we can be pretty theroritical about the iPhone market and can easily predict from the trends that the 6c is going to be low on features, so low on price. It will cost around $400 to $500 as claimed by a recent report. Now, what will Apple do with the iPhone 5s, 6 and the 6s ? As we can predict further, the 6c will possibly replace iPhone 5s on launch to become a mid-budget device.


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