If you take zodiac signs seriously and believe that they affect your life significantly, then get ready to be surprised, as there’s a new zodiac sign in town! Yes, it’s not a joke, as NASA has identified the 13th zodiac sign that has been named as the Ophiuchus. But that’s not it. The 13th addition to the list of signs means there’s a high chance your zodiac sign is not what you earlier thought it is.

If you think you are an Aquarius, you just might be a Capricorn. And if you have been a Sagittarius all your life, then you might as well be the new Ophiuchus. And that’s not it. Zodiac signs have been moving off their course very slowly, and those who believe in astrology are freaking out over this.

But how did the Ophiucus come into being? Well, for a long time now, zodiac signs have been off by a couple of months, as their position changes very slowly over thousands of years. The Earth’s axis also moves, and all of this led to Ophiuchus, which has reportedly claimed portions of the Scorpion month.


So according to NASA, here’s the new order of the 13 zodiac signs:

Capricorn: 20th January to 16th February
Aquarius: 16th February to 11th March
Pisces: 11th March to 18th April
Aries: 18th April to 13th May
Taurus: 13th May to 21st June
Gemini: 21st June to 20th July
Cancer: 20th July to 10th August
Leo: 10th August to 16th September
Virgo: 16th September to 30th October
Libra: 30th October to 23rd November
Scorpio: 23rd November to 29th November
Ophiuchus: 29th November to 17th December
Sagittarius: 17th December to 20th January

So as you can see, there are lots of Scorpios and Sagittariuses who have just found out that they actually belong to the Ophiuchus sign. Many others have noticed that they belong to some other zodiac now according to their birth dates. So is this going to affect your life drastically? Well, depends on whether you believe in astrology or not.

Former Director Lee Shapiro, Abrams Planetarium, Michigan University, had said in 1977 that astronomy isn’t equal to astrology. He accepted that astrological influences do exist, mainly due to the moon and the sun. However, he pointed out that there is no evidence that could support the belief that the positions of heavenly bodies can predict characteristics or actions of individuals.

So what do you think about this new discovery? How will it affect the world? Comment below.


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