9) Audioshield (Platforms: Vive)


Dylan Fitterer, the creator of Audiosurf, has put together an interesting project which is both melody and game. The game uses your own music to create a rhythm-based game where you use two shields to block a series of orbs as they fly towards you. The red shield in your right hand is used to block red orbs and the blue shield in your left can be used to block blue orbs. When both shields are pressed together a purple shield which blocks purple orbs is formed. A change in the difficulty settings alters the distance between orb chains which will force you to run faster. The game has a leaderboard which means you get to participate with friends to know who has a better taste for music.

10) Final Approach (Platforms: Rift, Vive)

final approach

In Final Approach, players take the role of air traffic controller. The game from Phaser Lock Interactive allows players to use touch controllers to reach out and grab planes and then draw their landing patterns in the air. You will need to get to the ground from time to time to participate in a mini-game that will see you putting out fires, shooting drones out of the sky, or saving drowning sailors. You begin the game in your own hanger then work through a series of missions set in vibrant cityscapes, tropical islands, and ocean-bound battleships. The new demo already presents interests that will captivate fans.



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