5) Budget Cuts (Platforms: Vive)

Budget Cuts

Developed by a small team of Swedish developers who calls themselves Next Corporation, Budget Cut is a stealth/puzzle game that seems to draw inspiration from games like Portal. The game begins with you as a spy working for a corporation that is facing serious budget cuts, and you are mandated to travel back in time to make sure your job application gets approved by your employer. for no reason, the building is staffed by a group of sentry drones that are ready to shoot you on sight. You use a device that fires a teleportation portal across the room to move through environments but before teleporting, you can rummage the environment by holding up a magic window that gives a real-time glimpse of the environment. If you find portal games fun, this should be a fun game to play. It appears this game would miss the Vive launch window, however.

6) Cloundlands: VR Minigolf (Platforms: Vive)

Cloundlands: VR Minigolf

Futuretown chipped in some creativity into their golf holes. It can be played with only one Vive controller which functions like a putter. Just swing your putter at a golf ball to knock it through a series of holes full of rotating walls, two-story drops, and fans that will blow your ball back towards you. After hitting a ball, you hit a trigger button to teleport you to the ball. The game is only available in 18-course but that may change after the release. Cloudlands interestingly makes it possible for up to 4 players to play at a time on a console or online. Should be fun if you are a fan of golf.


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