35 Free Movie Sites to Watch Free Movies Online (2017)

MobiPicker presents a fantastic new list of free Movie sites where you can stream/watch free movies online. If you love to watch online movies and you don’t know where to watch em’, you should totally have a glimpse over the titles listed below. Hopefully, you’ll love all of them.

Everybody loves to watch movies. It’s a wonderful source of entertainment and helps relax if you have a busy life. When it comes to choices of movie genres, everybody has their own special interests and they love to watch movies that are amusing, worthy of spending time on, and of course are entertaining. But what type of movies you love to watch? Well, That truly depends exclusively on your choices. Some people love to watch Action or Sci-Fi movies, others like romance, Mystery, or Drama based on their interests. There are a lot of movie genres and almost all of those genres are entertaining. Every year a good amount of movies is released in different parts of the world. People from all walks of life watch those movies on daily basis.

free movie sites to watch free movies online streaming

Some people go to Cinemas to watch movies, others get them from movies rental shops, and a lot of them download or watch their favorite movies on the Internet. There are a lot of sources on the internet where you can watch free movies online or if you like you can download them as well. These sources are either paid, monthly subscriptions, or they can be free too. If you are an avid movie fan and you love to watch Free movies online, the following list of free movie sites might interest you. Next time when you have to watch a movie online, visit any of these websites and enjoy a whole lot of your favorite titles.

Disclaimer: We do not verify the genuineness and legalities of these movie streaming sites. Also, some movie sites may be illegal in your country. Hence, it is advised to use precautions before using any of these free movie streaming sites.

Best Free Movie sites to Watch Free Movies Online

1. Primewire

First one to fall on our list of best free movie Sites is Primewire.Ag. This fantastic free movie site is your one stop for all the entertainment. It offers Popular Movies, Music, T.V Shows for you to enjoy online. With a Subscription-based module, Primewire offers a variety in every genre of all the available entertainment categories. It also lists Featured Movies, Recently Added and Popular Movies separately for an easy navigation.

free movie sites to watch free movies online streaming

You can enjoy movies, dramas, music and other shows on Primewire.Ag in multiple quality types. If you have a fast internet connection, you can watch movies in HD, and if you have a slow connection, you can enjoy movies in a bit low video quality. As one of the best sources to watch free movies online, do visit Primewire.Ag and spend your time on quality entertainment.

2. TinklePad

TinklePad.ag or formerly known as Movies25 is a brilliant Online Movie source on the internet. This cool website is all about the popular and blockbuster movies and T.V Shows. TinklePad offers a subscription-based system for its users because of security concerns and promises the premium stuff for free. The site originally does not host any movies or Tv shows on its servers.

watch free movies online

Instead, it lets you enjoy movies from various Third-party sites and uploaded by the users. It offers a very clean front end with a remarkably easy navigation. TinklePad offers your favorite movies in a beautiful manner. You‘ll find it quite easy to navigate through the website. Every particular movie and TV show genre is divided into various categories such as Latest Release, Last Added, genres, popular, etc. It’s one of the best free movie sites. TinklePad is your one stop shop to watch free movies online.

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3. Movie4K

Movie4K.to is your one stop shop for all kinds of amazing movies that you can watch online for free. You don’t need to register or pay a single penny to watch movies on Movie4K.to. This amazing site offers free movie streaming in a number of different format types. You can watch free movies online in Flash or DivX-based on your choice.

watch free movies online

You can also watch a number of Tv shows online on Movie4K.to. This site offers all the data in a well-sorted manner with easy navigation and clean theme. For all those who love to watch free movies online, Movie4K.to is one of the best movie sites you’ll ever find on the internet.

4. CoolMovieZone

Coolmoviezone.net is another great site to Watch Free Movies online. The site has a huge amount of data related to movies and it’s one of the fastest free movie sites on the internet. Coolmoviezone covers all the major movie genres and sets them up in a very presentable manner. From Hollywood to Bollywood, Action, Sci-Fi, Romance, Comedy, and Biography, you’ll find every popular movie listed on Coolmoviezone.

free movie streaming sites

So if you are looking for some really cool free movie sites, you should definitely visit Coolmoviezone.net. Coolmoviezone.net offers movies in HQ and HD quality and lets you enjoy watching them in multiple format types such as WMV, FLV, MOV, Mp4, and 3Gp. If you want to download any movies from the site, you must become a member and enjoy a huge collection of popular movies.

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5. IceFilms

Icefilms.Info is a great addition to our list of sites where you can watch free movies online. This incredible site is all about latest to not so old Movies and TV Shows. It offers a variety of Active and working links and lets you watch movies in DVD Quality. You can also download your favorite movies from Icefilms and enjoy them whenever you want. With a high-speed streaming and downloads, low buffering time and better quality content, Icefilms offers easy navigation n the site.

free movie streaming sites

You don’t need to register or pay any fees to watch or download movies from Icefilms.Info. The data is presented on the site in a very understandable and reachable way. So, if you have to watch a movie that you can’t find on other movie sites, Icefilms will most probably have it. Next time when you have to watch free movies online, do visit Icefilms.Info.

6. 123Movies

123Movies.is, formerly known as 123Movies.to is one of the most reliable, safe and fastest websites to watch free movies online. This site offers a variety of content and lets you enjoy watching movies, music, TV shows online. 123Movies offers both old and latest movies on the site. With a beautiful front end, easy navigation, and fastest streaming, 123Movies should definitely be added to your Free Online Movies list.

download free movies

It’ll help you find some of the most popular and your favorite movie titles in bliss. So, next time when you think of watching an online movie, don’t forget to visit 123Movies.is. It’ll definitely be a great source of entertainment for you.

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7. MovieNight

Movienight.ws is one of those free movie sites that truly are built to entertain you. This site lets you watch free movies online and enjoy TV Shows without any cost. An amazing feature of Movienight is that it offers the latest releases of both Movies and TV Shows. It categorizes every movie genre separately that helps you find your favorite titles easily.

free movie sites

With a very beautiful layout and easy navigation, Movienight.ws will definitely be a great site to watch free movies online. If you are in search of some free movies sites and you want the latest, you should totally visit Movienight.ws.