Strategy games are a crucial element of PC gaming and it seems incomplete without some really good Turn based Strategy titles. No matter its RTS or Turn based Strategy games, the unique line-up of characters, their abilities, environments and all the amazing plots are what actually attract the players. There are many wonderful Turn based Strategy titles that offer all the above-mentioned features in a wonderful manner. Games like Total War: Warhammer, Master of Orion, Atlas Reactor, Shock Tactics, and Civilization VI are some of the greatest sensations in this particular genre. Based on your interest in Turn-based Strategy games, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Turn-based Strategy Games for PC. Hopefully, the following list would help shorten up your effort of finding some of the Best Turn based Strategy Games for PC.

Let’s have a look at some of the Best Turn-based Strategy games for PC in 2017.

1. Total War: Warhammer

Best Turn-Based Strategy Games Total-War-Warhammer

The first entrant on Best Turn-based Strategy Games for PC niche is the remarkable Total War: Warhammer. This particular Turn based Strategy title offers a brilliant combination of TBS and Real-time tactics elements. Developed by Creative Assembly, Total War: Warhammer offers a similar gameplay to the other games in Total War series. You’ll see Factions in the game identical to the ones in Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fantasy series. Unlike previous total War series games, Total War: Warhammer offers a futuristic setting. As the tenth title in total War series, this particular title is the very first to make its path to Total War: Warhammer Trilogy.

The gameplay is designed on the basis of both the Kingdoms and Campaigns. This includes controlling the armies, managing the whole cities, and engaging in Real-time tactics by taking part in Skirmishes, and sieges of a bigger scale. While playing the game, you can control anyone of the several Factions, based upon various types of Units, Characters, and their unique abilities. The factions include Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, Goblins, and the Undead. With a great setting, powerful backstory, revamped visuals and mechanics, Total War: Warhammer is a critically acclaimed and one of the best Turn based Strategy titles that you can play this year. You can have the game for PC from the Official Website or Steam.

2. BattleTech


BattleTech by Harebrained Schemes is a new Turn-based Strategy title for all the Sci-Fi and Militaristic gaming enthusiasts. The game is set in a futuristic militarized universe and it offers a Single-player Campaign, an Expansion pack (for the Campaign), and PvP multiplayer play. The game allows you to be Mercenary Commander and lead a team of four powerful Humanoid Mechanical Combat vehicles known as BattleMechs. Your task is to lead the BattleMechs into various hardcore battles against the enemies and defeat them to save the world of BattleTech.

You can choose anyone of the Powerful Noble Houses that rule the world of BattleTech. Once you’ve selected the House type, you can select your BattleMechs, armor, weapons and pilots, etc. With a fairly simple yet exciting gameplay, beautifully crafted visuals, remarkable game mechanics and all the PvP Combats, BattleTech is no doubt one of the best Turn-based Strategy games for PC. This game is scheduled to release fully in early 2017. You can Pre-order BattleTech for PC here. Don’t forget to support Harebrained Schemes on their Kickstarter campaign.

3. Galaxy Admirals

Best Turn-Based Strategy Games Galaxy-Admirals

Galaxy Admirals is a brand new Multiplayer Cosmic Turn based Strategy video game. The game offers a challenging and quite innovative gameplay along with a brilliant grid-based environment. It mainly focuses on Combat oriented play and allows you to improve your skills while struggling against the enemies to conquer the universe. As the game is a Multiplayer-only marvel, it lets you combat against the fellow online players. Your task is to send troops and spaceships to destroy your opponent’s base. The Turn-based play lets you maximize your reach while forwarding towards the enemy base and attack with more power and a better plan. This way you’ll learn to use all the fantastic features of the game and embrace victory.

Galaxy Admirals offers many innovative features in the game. The hexagonal playfield keeps on rotating and that makes the game more interesting and challenging at the same time. There are loads of amazing skills that you can use against the opponents as well as there are plenty of upgrades for your characters. Each and every mission of the game follows a fascinating plot. The inclusion of this remarkable feature keeps you playing the game for hours. Other great features of the game include a strong and powerful AI, beautiful graphics, challenging gameplay and the next-gen mechanics. For a bit different yet exciting Turn-based Strategy experience, you should definitely try it out. You can download Galaxy Admirals for PC via Steam. As one of the best Turn based Strategy games, Galaxy Admirals would entertain you really well.

4. Shock Tactics

best turn based strategy games Shock-Tactics

Shock Tactics is an Upcoming Single-player Sci-Fi Turn-based Strategy video game that focuses on Tactical Combat and Exploration. Squad Control and Management and Base building and Defense are the key elements of the game. Initially, Shock Tactics lets you select a team of Trailblazers. Your task is to explore a newly discovered Alien Planet resurface as the modern era Free Space Pioneers. During the play, you’ll have to combat against the Aliens, Pirates, and the Troops from Imperial Consortium. The basic goal is to explore the planet, set up outposts in far reaches of the planet, mine and dig on designated sites to uncover the secrets, build weapons and face the most brutal of enemy onslaughts ever.

Shock Tactics is all about Exploration, Squad tactics, Combats, Equally intelligent Aliens and other enemies, building bases, and harnessing the enormous power of artifacts discovered in the world. With an extremely challenging gameplay, a powerful backstory, aggressive tactics, Turn-based strategy oriented mechanics and marvelous visuals; Shock Tactics is probably one of the best Turn based Strategy Games for PC. It’ll definitely entertain you well this year. Get Shock Tactics for PC here.

5. Atlas Reactor

best turn based strategy games Atlas-Reactor

For all the PvP players, Atlas Reactor is a true source of entertainment as it combines it with Turn-based and Team tactics play. Released back in October 2016, Atlas Reactor is a Multiplayer-only game. It allows you to be part of the World of Atlas, the home to many species of beings including Humans, Hybrids, and Robots. This Sci-Fi world is controlled by Mega Trusts such as Warbotics, Evos, and Omni Trust. You act as a Freelancer in the game. Your task is to co-operate with fellow Freelancers and an employee of any of the mentioned Trusts and maintain control over the Atlas Reactor. Atlas Reactor is a Powerful and technologically advanced energy source that provides power for the City and all the living. Atlas Reactor offers various game modes and allows you to take part in 4v4 Player vs. Player matches.

In these matches, you can engage yourself into hardcore tactical and Turn-based encounters with the opponents. It offers a Multiplayer-only play in which you can be part of any team. If you die, you can respawn indefinitely and if you are able to kill five of the enemies, your team wins the match. With the remarkable brilliance in Combat mechanics, beautiful visuals, and a fast-paced Strategy-based gameplay, Atlas Reactor proves it’s worth if compared with any other of the similar type of games. As one of the best Turn based Strategy games for PC in 2017, this game should really be a part of your collections. Do give it a try. You can have Atlas Reactor for PC here.

6. Duelyst


Duelyst is a bit different than the rest of the Strategy games on this list of Best Turn based Strategy Games. This piece of brilliance combines CCG play with the traditional Turn-based aesthetics and offers a remarkable experience. Released back in 2016, this cool game is still pacing well in the markets and is available to play on PC. The gameplay of Duelyst is quite simple. It lets you battle against the opponents on a tactical battlefield. On your turn, you can place Minions, and cast powerful spells to eliminate the enemies. It offers a deck-based system in which you can create custom decks of cards until you eliminate the enemy general. Once the general is defeated, you can start the game over and battle against a new opponent.

Duelyst offers six factions for the characters. You are free to select anyone of them as yours and use its special abilities against the enemies. As strategy game with strict rules and regulations, it’s quite challenging and engaging at the same time. Furthermore, Duelyst offers a Practice mode that helps you understand the rules and lets you master the gameplay. With a variety of different elements, challenging gameplay, beautiful visuals and hours of entertainment, is one of the best free strategy games to play and enjoy. You can get Duelyst for PC from Steam.

7. Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars

best turn based strategy games Master-of-Orion-Conquer-the-Stars

Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars is a Single and Multiplayer Sci-Fi Turn-based 4X Strategy game by NGD Studios. The game is a successful reboot of the popular Master of Orion and offers a similar gameplay with a bit of tweak. It’s all about Galactic Exploration, Supremacy and action filled battles against the enemy races. As the commander, your task is to lead anyone of the playable races into explorations, colonization, and base building. While exploring the galaxy, you must also make new diplomatic relations with other space-bound races and develop new technologies. Combat, Base building and defending, managing the Empire, developing new technologies, building ships, and collecting various types of resources are among the most important objectives of the game.

With a simple strategy-based gameplay, Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars lets you coexist with advanced Ai controlled races. As its predecessor, Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars is quite fun to play and enjoy. As one of the best Turn-based Strategy games, this one might be a good source of entertainment for you throughout the year. Do try it out if you haven’t yet and enjoy the ultimate Space exploration and Strategy altogether. Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars is available to play on PC and Linux. You can download the PC version from the official game store or Steam.

8. Endless Space 2


Endless Space 2 is another grand inclusion to our list of best turn based strategy games. This incredible title offers a marvelous amalgamation of Turn-based 4X Strategy and Sci-Fi elements. It lets you get into the role of a leader who leads a massive civilization into new horizons of Interstellar Space. It tasks you to explore and investigate a number of mysterious Start Systems, find out the traces of ancient Alien Civilizations, research and develop new era technologies. Besides the exploration element, your secondary objectives are to find the powerful objects, harness their energy, face new and unfamiliar life forms, understand their psychology and blend in to know more.

Conquering the never before seen worlds, building bases and defending them against the alien and AI-controlled rivals is what makes this game even more interesting. In search of the Endless, the ancient civilization lost eons ago, you must find their origin, their long lost and powerful artifacts and the Magical Substance named as The Dust. With an outstanding backstory, the vivid set of graphics, advanced mechanics, and an addictive gameplay, Endless Space 2 is no doubt one of the best Turn based Strategy games that you can pay this year and enjoy it to the core. Endless Space 2 is available on Steam for PC.

9. Sorcerer King: Rivals


Sorcerer King: Rivals is a newest Fantasy Turn-based 4X Strategy video game by Stardock Entertainment. The game is the most recent work of the team that brought Sins of a Solar Empire t the markets. This Quest driven game allows you to build a whole new civilization from scratch. Craft weapons and armor, research and build new technologies, cast powerful spells and defeat your enemies. The magic Spells in the game are a way to gain huge amounts of Magical Power that helps you ascend to the level of Goodness. This game is all about Magical Spells and reaching to the Goodness, so it’s filled up with all kinds of brutal combats, drama, and strategy.

It offers eight main civilizations and encourages selecting one as your native one. Once done with that, you can embark on various quests where you’ll have to loot temples, go through the ancient dungeons; encounter the dwarves and countless other foes. Creating and managing your own separate world is another important objective of the game. With a simple and easy to learn gameplay, beautiful visuals, and all the ancient fun, Sorcerer King: Rivals is available to play on PC only. You can download it from Steam.

10. Civilization VI

best turn based strategy games Civilization-VI

As one of the most recent and probably one of the best inclusions to the Civilization Series, Civilization VI is a phenomenal Turn-based 4X Strategy video game. Created by Firaxis Games, follows the footsteps of its predecessors and offers a similar but quite advanced gameplay. Exploration, Building and Managing the Cities, leading troops into hardcore battles against the foes, researching and developing new technologies, trading, and negotiations, are the most prominent and challenging objectives of the game. According to the developing team, Civilization VI offers more advanced and reliable mechanics, a fundamentally identical but more elaborate gameplay, a great back story and revamped graphics and mechanics.

This makes it one of the most successful titles of Firaxis Games so far. With three major awards, worldwide popularity, and acclaimed by the critics, Civilization VI has sold millions of copies worldwide and it’s still growing every day. If you are a fan of Civilization series games, and you are keen to enjoy a totally new experience of 4X Strategy with Turn-based play, Civilization VI is your game. You can download the PC version of the game from Steam or the Official Website.

All the above titles are some of the best Turn based Strategy games we could find for you to enjoy this year. If you know about any more of the brilliant titles worthy of being on this list, do let us know in Comments. We’ll be happy to have your feedback. Also, check out the upcoming PC games and the best FPS games.

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