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Best, free, and working Torrent Sites for 2017

Torrent sites are the easiest way to download Movies, Software, Games, and Music from the internet. In simple words, you can say that it’s a free source of data downloads for millions. Torrents are widely popular and are used worldwide. As an estimate, millions of TBs of data is uploaded and downloaded daily via different torrent clients throughout the world. It’may be illegal but it’s the sufficient way of transferring large files over the internet using the P2P protocols. It’s not considered as piracy by any means. It’s the data that counts as illegal because of the torrenting Act. Based on the interest of worldwide Torrent Clients users and the clamoring demands, there is a number of top torrent sites that offers services despite the strict laws. This article tends to provide you with a list of best torrent sites that you can use to download data. This article covers the following topics (you can click on the anchor link if want to read only a particular section about torrents).

Best Torrent Sites

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that mobipicker.com does not encourage its users to share or download any illegal files over the internet. Please be a good judge of your actions while using any of the torrent and file sharing websites.

What is a Torrent?

If you are unfamiliar with the Term Torrent! This question might surface in your mind. What is a Torrent? Well, a torrent is a fast stream of data that helps you download or upload files over the internet. It’s a file sharing medium that can be used to upload or download large or small files. This can be achieved by using any of the available Torrent Clients, Such as uTorrent, BitTorrent, BitSpirit, and Deluge, etc. A torrent or a BitTorrent client uses TCP as it’s primary data transport protocol. While downloading or uploading the data, it uses the TCP Port and allows the data traffic via the Peer2Peer trackers. This DHT extension further uses various UDP ports and provides with a link between the Peers. Once the connection between the Peers is stable, the download starts as a Torrent.

How to Download Torrent?

A Torrent can be downloaded by using a Torrent Client. This client works Online and allows you to download your desired files in a specific amount of time-based upon your internet speed. There are a lot of Torrent Clients available on the internet. Some of these torrent Clients are free and some are paid. It solely depends on your choice of what Torrent Client you like. Some of the best and free torrent clients include uTorrent, Deluge, BitTorrent, Vuze, BitComet, Transmission, BitLord, and Tixati. By using any of these torrent clients, you can download the torrent and enjoy spending your time on some fun movies, games, software and loads of other great things.

Are Torrent Sites Legal?

When you think about downloading torrents from a torrent site, this Question might surface on your mind. Are the Torrent Sites Legal? Well, there is a big difference between the terms Torrent and Piracy. A lot of people think that downloading a Torrent is Piracy, but you’ll be glad to know that these two have nothing in common. A torrent means the transmission or in simple words, Data Transfer between two or more people (Clients) on the internet. This data can be legal or illegal at the same time. The torrent Act doesn’t say that the torrent is illegal but the Content can be illegal. That’s because of strict Copyright Infringement Laws about the Content. Most of the content (Movies, Games, Music, Files, etc.) on the internet is free to download but there is a huge pile of content that the owning Companies don’t offer for free.

This is where the line is drawn. You can download the free Content via Torrent and that would not be called illegal. But, if you download content that’s not allowed by the owning authorities for download, is called illegal. For instance, you are using torrent sites for books, which are not actually listed by their respective authors, then you are surely using torrents for an illegal purpose.

Hence, the question “Are the Torrent Sites Legal?”… Yes, because the torrent sites are not in any sense illegal, but there could be content on the torrent sites, that counts as illegal. So, whenever downloading a torrent, be sure of the Content that’s presented on any particular torrent website. If you download illegal content anyway, be advised, because it can land you in a bit of trouble with the authorities.

Latest Torrent News

Update (March 08) – The Pirate Bay is blocked by Swedish ISP. Read full news here.

Update (February 17) – After the recent rumors that Google is about to ban all the torrent sites in its search engine, users have started filing the petitions in sites like Change.org. Read the full news here.

Update (February 12) – According to a new report from TorrentFreak, Google is about to take down all the torrenting sites links from its search engine. It is being said that Google and other search engines are about to accept the voluntary agreement with Entertainment companies. Of course, you don’t really need to worry since you can access any of the torrent sites directly right from this article. Just check out the whole list below.

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Best Torrent Sites 2017

Since the Kickass torrents was taken down, a lot of many people are now querying for the new torrent download sites which are unblocked, safe, and free. So here is the follow-up of 50 best torrent sites for you. You can use any of these sites to download your favorite Content free of cost. All you got to do is to install any Torrent Client on your PC and search for the content to download it online. Let’s have a look at some of the best torrent Sites in 2017. Hopefully, these torrent sites would help you find and download the Content you like the most. All of these torrenting sites are live and working as on date.

1. YTS.ag

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YTS.ag or also known as the legendary Yify Torrents is a great source to download verified files online. This is probably one of the best movie torrent sites you’ll ever find on the internet. One brilliant feature of this site is that it offers movies in multiple quality types. You can download movies with 720p and 1080p quality. You can also enjoy downloading the best 3D movies on YTS.ag as well. With all the free downloads, YTS.ag also lets register as a Yiffy member. Once you are a YTS.ag member, you can get access to bundles of premium quality movies and enjoy all the entertainment. YTS.ag offers easy, fast and secure movie search and an easy to navigate beautiful site layout. If you are serious about your movie collections, YTS.ag might be a great place to download them.

2. Fenopy.eu

Best Torrent Sites

Fenopy.eu stands as one of the most reliable, trusted, and best torrent sites of all. It was banned for a brief amount of time because of the Torrent Act, but later on, it continued its services and is still serving all the Torrent hunters well. The site was previously considered as a less safe portal for torrents, but now it’s moved to more secure and reliable servers. It offers a community of worldwide Torrent users and encourages you to join it. You can have all their latest releases and news related to all kinds of content in the community as well. Furthermore, Fenopy.eu offers its own Torrent Client that you can download and install on your computers. This makes the content downloads more secure and it’s free of cost. You can have Fenopy.eu torrent Client here.

3. TorrentDownload.cc

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TorrentDownload.cc is another remarkable source of Torrent Downloads. This free-to-use torrent site ranks well among all the top torrent sites and offers a variety of Content. The advanced search mechanism allows you to have more refined searches and enjoy downloading content just as you like. Another great feature of TorrentDownload.cc is the fantastic lineup of content that helps you stay up to date with all the new releases and stuff. Categorically, TorrentDownload.cc is one of the most reliable and best torrent sites. Furthermore, you can have an account on TorrentDownload.cc, subscribe to RSS feed and get mail alerts for the new releases.

4. Monova.Org

Best Torrent Sites

If you like finding torrents on a simple yet effective Torrent site, Monova.Org is your best choice. It offers a simplistic website layout yet effective and a very fast search engine. You can search on Monova.Org via putting in the Hash or simply by the name and your search comes up within seconds. It lets you surf through content collected from various sources and lets you choose the best. Like other torrent sites, Monova.Org lets you upload content by simply registering to the site. This site tops the ranks among some of the best torrent sites that are free and secure at the same time.

5. Yourbittorrent.Com

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Yourbittorrent.Com is another great title that truly is one of the most reliable, safe and free torrent sites. From movies to music, software to games, and anime to eBooks, Yourbittorrent.Com makes all kinds of downloads available for you. It keeps you updated with all the latest trends in every genre and lets you enjoy downloading torrents with ease. Uploading the Torrents on Yourbittorrent.Com is quite easy as compared to a lot of other torrent sites. Yourbittorrent.Com works best with Utorrent BitTorrent client, so it is recommended that you use it with Utorrent. That way you’ll get better peer connections and good download speed.

6. FullDLS / PearlTrees

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FullDLS or also known as PearlTrees.com is one of the biggest and most secure Torrent Sites. With over 2.5 million torrents and a huge user base, FullDLS lets you have the best results in almost all of the searches. One disadvantage of the Site is that it mainly relies on the advertisement. This makes surfing FullDLS a bit laggy but the overall performance of the site is just wondering. It highly recommended by readers and all the users of FullDLS. So, you can use this site to download torrents and enjoy surfing one of the best free torrent sites. You can also join PearlTree Community by registering online.

7. LimeTorrents

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By the Looks, LimeTorrents is just like any other torrent site but in reality, this extraordinary site offers more. It offers a sleek front end with easy to navigate style. With over a 2 million torrents, LimeTorrents is growing every day and hence it offers more torrents than any other site. With a great standard and quality of seeds, legitimate files, and all the proven content, LimeTorrents is one of the best torrent sites and a great Kickass torrents alternative. You can search for content with ease and stay secure at the same time. As one of the top torrent sites, LimeTorrents offers verified and quality downloads. Do try it out next time when you have to download a torrent; it’ll definitely satisfy you with all the amazing content it has to offer.

8. BitSnoop.Com

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BitSnoop.Com is one of the biggest and the most reliable Torrent download sites. It has one of the biggest databases of Torrents available for public and it offers over 18 million indexed files. As compared to a lot of the biggest names of Torrents, BitSnoop is one of the oldest and most secure sites. It offers a huge variety of content. A unique feature of the website is that it presents the results with all the ratings, comments and reviews. This helps you determine which torrent is best for you. With a high number of Seeds and peer connections, BitSnoop would definitely serve you well. So if you want to search anything related to movies, games, songs, software, books and other stuff, BitSnoop is the best place to be.

9. Zoogle

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Zoogle is a newly founded Torrent Site. It offers over 1.5 million verified torrents and adds up thousands of new titles every day. In general, Zoogle offers over 1265 TV shows with 128 thousand Episodes, over 30 thousand Movie titles, over 2.5 PB of Data, and 15.5 million files. It offers thousands of working trackers that support over eight million Scrapes. Another great feature of the Zoogle is that it categorizes the Content really well. You’ll notice everything at its very appropriate spot. This feature lets you go through the Content without even searching and find what seems best to you. With a whole lot of Anime, Animations, Movies, Music and games, Zoogle also serves as one of the best Anime Torrent Sites. As one of the emerging and best torrent sites, Zoogle offers free and secure services to all the users.

10. Torrents.me


Torrents.me is specifically designed for Movies and Music searches in English and Spanish languages. On this brilliant site, you’ll find most of the content in these two languages. A fantastic feature of the Torrents.me is that it combines searches from popular torrent sites and specialized trackers and as the result it lets you have the best possible results. One downside of the site is that it encourages you to use a VPN while downloading torrents from Torrents.me. This feature, in general, is for your own protection but it feels a bit hectic to do. As compared to other torrent sites, Torrents.me offers a fast response time and lets you enjoy surfing through more results than a lot of other torrent sites. It’s one of the best torrent sites for you, do try it out.