10 Best FPS (First-Person Shooter) Games for PC in 2016

2015 was a great year for gaming and 2016 promises a lot more than that. Games have evolved beyond expectations and system requirements are continuously on the rise. Next gen graphics have taken over and gamers want a more realistic experience from gaming. The best First-Person Shooter games of 2015 include Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, Rainbow Six: Siege, Battlefield: Hardline and many others. In 2016, FPS lovers are in for a treat as the games are not only beautiful to look at, they are equally good to play too. Here is the list of best First-Person Shooter Games to play this year.

10 Best FPS Games

1. Overwatch

Overwatch may be known most prominently for its posteriors, but trust me, there’s also a pretty great first-person shooter hiding underneath. You choose from 22 heroes, each one playing radically different from the other, as you fight for supremacy over points, or to push payloads (or stop the enemy from pushing their payload). It’s got a bright, colourful aesthetic inspired by Pixar, and it’s definitely one of the best first-person shooters of 2016. The best part is, it’s looking to be supported for now, and beyond, with plenty of content coming into the game over time, all for absolutely free.


  • Kyle Jackson

    I ain’t clicking through 10+ pages, bad move.

  • Khal Kripton 92

    Bullshit…..Overwatch XD FOr kids??? Best fps game is Rainbow Six siege eva

    • Dezmond

      The reason why they say Overwatch is because it has had a record breaking release. It has over 20 million concurrent players. More than any fps game to date. Looking at it from a purely statistical point of view, it has beat out almost every fps game ever in sales and players. Also another statistic points out that its audience is comprised of mostly adults, 79% of players in the community are 20-40 year olds.

      Edit: Also the game is STILL growing at a very rapid rate, roughly 30,000 players joining per day.